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Hi, Iam Petra Bulger,

one of the owners of Foam Anchor.

I run my Upholstery business in the beautiful Bay of Islands in New Zealand for over 10 years now. Naturally, a lot of my customers are Yachties or Motor Home owners and especially boaties see me often to replace worn out Velcro or broken clips on the upholstery.

Many asked about an alternative that would last longer then one or two seasons - but unfortunately, there wasn't one. I gave the same answer to one client who wanted something to connect the squabs in his Camper Van as they always drifted apart when he tried to sleep on them. It was either Velcro or push buttons - both not ideal for what he wanted but it was all I could find in all the catalogues! 

A few days later, he came back with a 3d printed part, a clip that could be sewn onto the squabs and then linked to each other! What a great idea, I was exited! From there on, we tested several concepts but all shared one flaw that we still see in all other systems:

Velcro, Buttons or clips are all attached to the fabric and the cover always has some <give> as the fabric stretches or the foam compresses.

We realized that we tackled the issue from the wrong end, we did`nt want to connect fabric to fabric - what we wanted was something to connect the foam itself - something to anchor the foam together... a Foam Anchor !

So the idea was born to place super-strong magnets straight into the foam, the whole system well hidden inside the covers.

First trials worked well and it became clear that a Foam Anchor would have many applications: connecting squabs together, holding back rests in place, securing outdoor upholstery...

We knew it was a great idea when industry experts gave us an exited <Thumbs Up>! We went through several iterations to make sure our Foam Anchor is suitable for the harsh conditions at sea, is easy to install and functional.

Boaties and Caravanners the like are excited that the Foam Anchor can be retro-fitted into existing upholstery and will last for years and years - the magnets NEVER loose their force!


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