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The Foam Anchor is a versatile product and can be used on Boats, Motor Homes, Outdoor Furniture and general Upholstery. 

Steve`s Yacht

Steve came back to Petra`s Upholstery because he wanted to sell the boat and needed new upholstery.

He realized the benefits of the Foam Anchor system immediately and the results looked great.

( He sold the boat a few days after installation but that`s probably not related...)

The old Push Button system was

impractical and extremely costly to replace,

hours of upholstery time would have been spend!


The Foam Anchor installation on the other hand was quick and easy - in the workshop as well as on board - $$ saved

IMG_20201031_093158 (Small)_edited.jpg
IMG_20201031_092537 (Small)_edited.jpg

Upholstery in a Landcruiser Camper

Matt`s Motortrimming from Havelock North send us this picture of a Camper conversion where he used Foam Anchors to hold upholstery in place.

Here is what Matt had to say:

We were really pleased with the nice clean look. The foam anchors were really quick to install. We ordered 6 for this job but found we only needed 4 and they had enough holding power to keep the bases in place when we mounted the backrests down firmly on top.

Customer was so happy to not have Velcro exposed while the squabs are laid flat for camping. 

Great product.


Aaron from Canvas Barn Marine Trimming, Swan Reach /Victoria 

used Foam Anchor magnets and Companion Mounts in a new way. He installed magnets on the inside of a center console and sewed the Companion Mounts into the hems of the console`s cover. Installation and securing of the cover  is now <Click and Go>

( we offer those components now separately for similar installations)

HERE is a video


ICEY TEK offers large superb Chilly Bins ( Esky) Foam Anchor components were chosen to fix the seat upholstery to the bin for ease access.

Client was extremely happy with the result as the seat cushion comes off and gets back on with ease.



A Special Cosy Nook

Here the client wanted a complete invisible attachment.  We put recesses in the back of the wood and glued Foam Anchors magnets in. After installing the Foam Anchor into the seat cushion, there is no visible element outside. Check the video and listen to the very solid "CLICK" by which the cushion attaches itself.

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