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Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Superstrong epoxy-coated
Neodymium magnets

The magnetic attachment system for a multitude of applications

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When the squabs on the boat are just too hard to bring inside if the weather gets foul

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When you can`t sleep in your caravan because the cushions moving apart

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When your outdoor furniture cushions become airborne once the wind picks up

What is Foam Anchor?

Introducing Foam Anchor

The patented Foam Anchor is a powerful magnetic attachment designed to be fitted within the foam layer of squabs or seat cushions.

After installation the Anchor sits beneath the fabric and invisible to the naked eye. Squabs can easily and firmly secure themself to the stainless steel companion mounts and can be adjusted for appearance.

Removing and installing is now a matter of seconds!

The system can be used to attach squabs to fixed surfaces such as benches and backrests, but it is also the ideal solution for attaching squabs to one another, thereby preventing them moving apart when sat or lain upon.

Velcro, Buttons and other Clip systems need regular replacing, the Foam Anchor system is extremely durable - the magnets hold their force indefinitely and can be re-used when changing the foam or fabric!

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Foam Anchor is the ideal solution for boats, caravans, outdoor furniture and more!

Foam Anchor`s Benefits

For the Client

Easy DIY installation

Replace grubby Velcro and cumbersome buttons

Can be retrofitted into any upholstery

 Foam Anchor connects

        squab to bench or squab to backrest or squab to squab

Intuitive and effortless to attach and remove squabs

Squabs fitted with Foam Anchors can be adjusted- set a straight line

Works with all cover materials - silk, vinyl, leather...

Invisible technology inside the cover - easy to clean and smart looking

Cover remains washable as no parts are attached to it.

For the Upholsterer

No stitching required, simple, extreme time saving installation.

Easier to install compared to other products, no pockets or buttons to sew on.

No special tools or skills required, done in under a minute and reduces your workload.

Greater tolerance to assembly errors, Foam Anchor does not need to fit precisely to the Companion Mounts.

Safes extensive measuring, travel and time for fitments.

Foam Anchor delivers a smarter looking product which sets you apart from the competition.


Your clients get all the benefits and have less reasons for complains.

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