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Our new magnetic squab attachment system

Pick the newest alternative to Velcro available on the market !

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Neodymium Magnets are the strongest magnets available and maintain their force indefinitely unless subjected to temperatures over 80 degrees Celsius when they will loose their magnetic abilities. We recommend extreme caution when handling even small Neo magnets as the attractant forces are very powerful which can result in injury. If they are allowed to snap together or onto a metal surface violently, small sharp chips can be thrown off. Magnets with a strong magnetic field may cause permanent damage to credit cards, computer hard drives, watches, TVs, data storage media and other electronic devices and objects. People with pacemakers must avoid handling / being close to magnets. When handling, always wear protective gear and keep away from children. If swallowed they can damage internal organs and lead to death. 
The pressure of magnets could cause deformation / discoloration on certain fabrics, plastics and even wood, always test before you install.

Screws heads could damage fabrics, especially when deformed during installation, take special care or use double sided tape when installing the Companion Mounts.

Our Magnets are epoxy coated for corrosion resistance. When scratched, the magnets might rust - take special care when installing and avoid Magnets snapping unprotected onto metal surfaces.

Make sure to clean and flush installed Companion Mounts regularly to avoid stains and salt build ups.